Art and History Museum. GRAV Labyrinth

29/03/2021 - Lu 5550 fois
Don’t miss the labyrinth created by the Visual Art Research Group (GRAV), an interactive work in which you are “obliged to take part”!


By honoring this emblematic installation among the often ephemeral creations of GRAV, the City of Cholet celebrates the originality of an extraordinary work. The only collective realization of GRAV appearing in a public collection, this labyrinth is a destabilizing work that raises the question of the relationship that the spectator has with art. In this case, it is an uninhibited and dynamic relationship, strongly claimed at the time by the artists. Today we would speak of interactivity.

In doing so, the City of Cholet also recalls that abstraction, kinetics and concrete art are present in the rooms of its Art Museum and constitute one of the strong axes of the municipal collections.

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